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A Catalogue of Startups

Each show here is a seed with the potential to be the next 'Mr Bean", "Fleabag" or "Kim's Convenience".

We will share their statistics on performances, and sales

as we monitor their traction and audience demand.

We aim to arrange regular meet-ups to educate, inform, 

and facilitate the birth and growth of relationships.

Image by Micheile Henderson

The Role of an Investor

An investor is a passionate person who believes in the work being done

and that the work has the potential to stand on its own two feet,

with the creative team supported by revenue from their loyal fans.

An investor in an existing project should not feel entitled to have creative input,

which includes scripting and casting decisions.


Commissioning new works is a different and unique discussion between client and artist.

Investors however, may be great assets in overcoming obstacles

that are related to everything else that is needed to grow a show to become a sustainable business.

For Example

An investor might notice one show that is receiving a surprising surge of viewership and  choose to assist the producers by contributing to a marketing campaign that explores the comercial potential of coordinating a tour of the show.

Alternatively, if that engagement is geographically disparate, it may warrant producing more recorded content which then provides more data on the viability of adapting into a series or feature film. 

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