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Letter of Support

Vaudeville Variety Night

30 Nov 2021

Undercurrent Theatre Company show their support

As a part of our RISE grant application


To Whom it May Concern,
RE: Letter of Support for Vaudeville Variety Night in their RISE Fund Grant Application
I am writing on behalf of Undercurrent Theatre Company to support the RISE grant application to fund the first season of Vaudeville Variety Night as hosted by the Regal Theatre.
Undercurrent is a Western Australian based theatre company with movement, collaboration, and creation
at the heart. Undercurrent burst on to the scene in 2021 during the COVID pandemic and performed a
successful season of My Shout at the Blue Room Theatre in Perth to rave reviews. The initial development
of this work, and the first ever public presentation by the company, was in part due to the support of
Vaudeville Board Member, Jacques Phillips.
It is this support for emerging and established independent artists in Perth that proves the intent, quality
and drive of the founders of Vaudeville. lt is imperative to the success of artists in this isolated city to gain
support from producers and investors. One way of doing so is through the recording of live presentation
for further distribution and exposure.
This funding will allow for the Vaudeville Variety Night to open up opportunities for local artists in Perth,
starting with stand-up comedians, and with this initial boost in funding from the department we believe
the longevity of the project will continue, enabling other performance genres to join the bill.
We believe the Vaudeville Variety Night at the Regal will be able to create opportunities for ourselves and
other performers by reducing the risk associated with trialling new works and engaging more frequently
with our supporters.
I urge the department to support this application as it is essential to the development of the independent
arts industry in Perth, and to emerging theatre makers such as Undercurrent Theatre Company.
Yours sincerely,
Scarlet Davis,
Freelance Performing Artist &
Co-Founder of Undercurrent Theatre Company
To view reviews of My Shout visit:

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