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Partner Spotlight

Vaudeville Variety Night

6 Dec 2021


Umbrella Works Inc. is a Perth-based non-profit organisation dedicated to creating, producing and supporting independent performance works across Australia. We offer emerging creative teams insurance, assistance and advice so they can focus on making their art – whatever that might be!

With a board of experienced creatives from a variety of backgrounds, a collaboration with Umbrella Works gives you access to both creative and financial support, making it easier and safer to bring new works to life.

Umbrella Works membership is $25 per person per year which gives you access to subsidised insurance, low-cost financial administration, the advice and support of our board of creatives, and negotiable levels of financial support for up-front production costs such as festival registration. It also allows to you to produce under the Umbrella Works name and feature our branding on your promotional materials. In return we take 5% of the profits generated from your work. And that’s profits, not revenue, if you don’t make money we don’t either.

Umbrella Works has been the guiding force behind a number and variety of shows including 10,000, Jane Austen: Private Eye, Fear, Puppet Tales, Underemployment and long-running shows Sense and Spontaneity and Pupperotica.


Umbrellaworks have agreed to assist in being the nominated entity for Vaudeville to run a fundraising campaign on the Australian Cultural Fund

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