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40 Year Old Pop Star

Alli Butler woke up the other day and discovered she was 40. That was unexpected. Last time she looked she was 20. How did becoming a nurse, getting married, having a kid and force-feeding her husband his daily celery juice eat into so many days? To return to her destiny and true path toward mega celebrity, Alli flees the city and returns to the small country town where she was born to launch her pop career from there!

Tossing her nursing registration and sphygmomanometer to the wind, life becomes a rollercoaster of gigs, recordings and photoshoots. Occasionally she feeds her child. Alli Butler, a stand-up comedian, singer-songwriter, nurse and 40 year old mum, who refuses to inject her face with Botox (this week), tells of her hilarious trajectory towards stardom among the sheep, cows and canola.

40 Year Old Popstar debuted at the 2019 York Festival, subsequently opened at Perth's Fringe World 2020, and then toured the wheatbelt to sellout crowds. Alli, a semi-finalist in the 2018 Unsigned Only Music competition, sings, shares stories, and accompanies herself on guitar. Uniquely combining genres of pop music and stand-up comedy, Forty Year Old Pop Star is incisive, funny, and asks critically important questions such as: 'should women who are over forty be relegated to the cultural graveyard?'


'Domesticity in the Wheatbelt never looked so funny! 40 Year Old Pop Star, Alli Butler's sell-out debut show at the 2019 York Festival, was as relatable as it was hilarious. ' Jenny Garroun - Director, York Festival.


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