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From the Smallest Seeds...


We exist to create opportunities for producers to trial new content and grow their audiences in a financially sustainable manner.

Starting with live performance

"Mr Bean", "Fleabag", "The Mighty Boosh", "The Blues Brothers", and countless more properties all started as live performances, before expanding into other formats, building their devoted following one performance at a time.

Actor Rehearsing on Stage


Supporting independent producers

Outside of the major global hubs, independent producers face steep operational costs to mount performances with limited access to audiences and capital funds.

We address this in three steps:

Partnering with venues

To offer producers a stage for their performances for free, so that their ticket revenue can go completely to their team.

Night Concert
Close up of couple clapping in theater

Reaching global audiences

By using a broadcast-quality multi-cam team, we record the performances to engage and convert new fans.

Sales data to attract investors

Show-business is exactly that, artistic quality intersecting with commercial value. We collate the data from every show and present it here to facilitate producers to connect with investors who value and want to grow the creative vision.

Business Handshake

Our big vision

To utilise the sales data to accurately commission new works based on viewer demand.


By actively commissioning new work with the intent of a commercial return, we can create a financially sustainable context to provide opportunities for producers and jobs for professional practitioners in areas outside of the global hubs.

Our Team

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Join Us in Growing New Content 

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