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Maninja Cockal

Maninja Cockal earned his performer name by saying yes to new ideas. They don’t need to be ideas suggested by other people, Maninja approves his own new ideas often. Like extending his Slam Poetry to comedy nights.

Performing poetry to strangers grew from trying it out on his unsuspecting family. Nieces and nephews with confused but polite facials wondering where their real birthday present was. Early trials were well received and now his family expect no material gifts for any occasion, brilliant! They’ve got enough stuff anyway.

On that note, Mr Cockal’s poetry takes on society’s peak challenging issues like ‘too much stuff’… consumerism, overpopulation, football culture, Australian History, and the beauty to be found in death and taxes. With nods to creative word artists like TISM’s Humphrey B. Flaubert, Maninja delivers rhythmic words with a well-attempted wry sense of humour.


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